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In order to install the membership software on your website, we need a little bit of information.

Please fill the requested information in the following form and hit the "Submit" button. We will begin working on your installation soon after, and should contact you with confirmation of completion within 24-48 hours.

To avoid delays, it is important that you provide us with accurate information in the fields below.

#1. Your Contact Details

Please enter your name and email address in the form below. We will contact you at this email address to let you know about the updates regarding the installation.

First Name :
Last Name :
Contact Number :

#2. FTP Login details

We need to upload the software files to your server and therefore need the FTP login info.

You may create a temporary FTP account only for this installation and once the installation is over, delete this FTP account.

FTP host name:
FTP username:
FTP password:

#3. Database details

Create a new database through your hosting account "Control Panel", and provide us with the information details.

Database host:
Database name :
Database username:
Database password:

NOTE: If you can not comfortably find either the FTP details or Database details, then just send us your Hosting Control Panel login info and we will find the required details and set it up for you. (You may enter your Hosting Control Panel login info in the "Comments" section below.)

#4. Website details

Website url:
Membership fee details:

#5. Email addresses

Paypal email address - This should be your PayPal email address where the membership fee will be deposited.

Support email address - This should be your support desk email address where your members will contact you in case of any difficulty.

Webmaster/Admin email - This should be your website admin email address. If any technical issue comes up at your website, it will be reported to this email address.

Paypal email:
Support email:
Webmaster/Admin email:

#6. Desired Administrator Account info

The following fields are what you'd like us to use for setting up your membership site administration area. This is the information that will be tied to the membership site administration account.

Administrator First Name:
Administrator Last Name:
Admin area Login Username:
Admin area Login Password:

#7. Notes, if any:

If you want to send any notes, comments or instruction to our support staff, please enter it here.